home2The Guild library provides access to many outstanding quilting books and videos. The guild has 700 books in our database of the library, with a number of those for sale. If members have the book, title and author we can try to find it for them. We have six shelves by Dewey Decimal. Four shelves are already sorted by author. In our database we have which shelf the book is on and by Dewey. We have a 50/50 raffle to help fund the acquisition of new books for the library.  Members may browse and check out books before and after the meeting.  All borrowed books are due at the following meeting so that others may enjoy them.
At each meeting members have an opportunity to donate to the library fund. For each $1.00 donation, you receive a ticket towards a drawing for a quilt-related prize. These donations enable the library chair to purchase additional books and videos. Tickets are available at a table near the membership table.
Each month, through a free drawing, members may win the opportunity to be the first to borrow new books. To participate, simply pick up a ticket at the library table.

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