When you arrive at the meeting, stop at the check-in table in the entrance. This is Information-Central, where members sign in and where visitors meet a Membership Committee representative to receive information about the Guild, learn about the different activities at the meetings, and receive a special name-tag and VIV flower to wear so they will get a “VIV” (very important visitor!) welcome. This is also the place where members update their contact information and pay their annual dues by January each year.

New members receive their membership packets here which includes important information, the handbook and roster, a Guild pin, and an embroidered patch. Members incorporate this patch into a name badge which is worn at each meeting. Name badge holder classes are available several times each year and directions are posted on our website and on our social media. We encourage members to make and wear their name badges, so show your name badge when you check in at each meeting, and get a ticket for a prize drawing.

And, when you see someone wearing the Very-Important-Visitor flower, be sure to say hello, ask about their quilting interests, show them around, and tell them about our many activities and opportunities for creativity. Lots of friendships are forged between members who get to know each other better – especially by working side-by-side in Guild activities.



As a part of the Guild’s commitment to the community, we donate quilts to various groups throughout the county such as children’s hospitals and domestic violence shelters. Guild members are encouraged to participate in making these quilts by taking kits with fabric and directions to work on at home. Different kits may ask you to sew blocks together, to apply a binding to a pieced quilt, to machine quilt, etc.
Once or twice a year, sew-ins are held after the general meeting to complete the quilts. The quilts bring comfort and happiness to the recipients and satisfaction to those of us who make them.


The Guild Library provides access to many outstanding quilting books and videos. You may browse and check out books before and after the meeting. All borrowed books are due at the following meeting so that others may enjoy them.
At each meeting members have an opportunity to donate to the library fund. For each $1.00 donation, you receive a ticket towards a drawing for a quilt-related prize. These donations enable the library chair to purchase additional books and videos. Tickets are available at a table near the membership table. Each month, through a free drawing, members may win the opportunity to be the first to borrow new books. To participate, simply pick up a ticket at the library table.


One of the most unique things about our Guild meetings is our boutique.  At each meeting, our members can’t wait to see the new, fun and useful items that this creative committee has imagined and made.

Want an adorable chicken pin cushion?  Want a flock of them?  Want a red one? A blue one?  Want one with hearts?  Our boutique committee works all month to provide you with a variety.  Maybe you want a sewing apron made out of sewing-themed fabric.  Or, a mug-rug, or maybe a beautiful embroidered design to add to a quilt.  Or some sparkly necklaces and earrings?  Or, on a much more practical side, how about a made-to-order chair cushion for meetings and classes, or a doggy-treat bag, or crocheted thick pot holders?  These are, literally, only a few of the many fun items made by committee members and sold to support the Guild’s activities.  Our committee is always looking for new ideas, so let us know if you have a suggestion and/or want to help.


We love quilts, and seeing the work of others is an exciting part of every meeting. And we especially love seeing the work of our visitors, so our Very Important Visitors (VIVs) are encouraged to bring one or two quilts or quilted items to share.

During the activity time before the meeting begins, look for the show and tell table toward the back of the meeting room and add your name and info on the registration paper. Leave your quilt or quilted item on the table, finished side out so others can admire your work. During the show and tell feature of each meeting, usually one of the first activities, be ready and the show and tell committee chair will call your name in order of sign-up. Bring your piece up to the front and there will be helpers to hold yours up while you give a brief description of your inspiration (perhaps a new baby, someone’s birthday, or an art inspiration,) and describe your process (applique, piecing, etc.) and the quilting you did or the name of the quilter.

And, remember, we are all at different stages of our own learning. Any of us may be an expert at one technique, and a beginner at another. No quilt or quilted item anyone shows is criticized or judged – we are all there to celebrate and appreciate where each of us is in our quilting journey. And, did we say that we all love quilts? And, that we love seeing the work of our members and visitors?


An exciting part of our meetings is the informative program. The Guild vice president plans engaging programs on a wide variety of topics. We have had lectures on techniques, design concepts, quilt history, new trends in quilting, and “samplers” where members move from table-to-table viewing demos on different tips and techniques. Sometimes the programs are coordinated with a workshop, and the workshop instructor presents a lecture and trunk-show during the meeting and then conducts a separate, longer, hands-on workshop.

If you have ideas for future programs, please contact the Guild vice president.


Each year, members are challenged to stretch their imaginations and create a quilt illustrating a set theme.  The Challenge Committee sets the theme, rules, and deadline for completion.  Any member who wishes to participate in the competition keeps the finished piece secret.  On the appointed date, the quilts are displayed and members vote for their favorites.  Prizes are awarded.

Communications – JOIN US!

Staying in touch with our members and our communities are important. We want to provide you with the information you need and we need your ideas to keep meeting members’ changing needs.

So, stay up-to-date by “Liking” our Facebook page and watching for new information. Also, bookmark (just hit ctrl+d) this site so that you can check back frequently for information on our meetings, our exciting quilt show, many photo galleries, plus opportunities for creativity, community involvement and learning.

Guild members receive a monthly newsletter with the most up-do-date info and details on upcoming programs, sign-up information, and invitations to join challenges. And, watch for our new Pinterest page!


Share your creativity and support the Guild’s community outreach. This annual opportunity provides a showcase for members’ talent and skill. Submit any kind of block that fits that year’s theme (applique, pieced, traditional, modern, art, etc.) and win one of the coveted places in the annual “raffle” quilt that funds our activities, especially our community outreach in Palm Beach County.

At the South Florida Fair Candice Phelan demonstrates making a Welcome Home quilt for a local hard-working Habitat for Humanity Palm Beach family

At the South Florida Fair Candice Phelan demonstrates making a Welcome Home quilt for a local hard-working Habitat for Humanity Palm Beach family

SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR and fair quilt block contest – JOIN US!

The South Florida Fair and the Palm Beach County Quilters’ Guild have been in partnership since 1985 to promote the art of quilt-making in South Florida. For 30 years, the Guild has conducted an annual quilt-block contest with the South Florida Fair. We assemble the winning-themed blocks into a beautiful quilt, which is exhibited throughout the seventeen days of the Fair each January.

You can enter a block into the Fair quilt block contest. Once the Fair selects a theme, make a block that meets the contest specifications. Click here to see the current contest rules. The blocks are usually due in early October and the judges select the top three winners (anonymously) which are then given places of honor in the center of the quilt. That quilt has a special exhibit space that Fair visitors return to year after year to see the new Fair quilt.

Once the Fair is over, each beautiful Fair quilt is added to the largest known collection of Fair quilts. The Guild curator catalogs and carefully maintains the collection which are exhibited in part at each fair and at other exhibit spaces. Fair visitors love looking at the previous Fair quilts and often fondly recall their memories of when a particular quilt was first exhibited at the Fair.

Throughout the Fair, the Guild engages children’s imaginations and educates them (and often their parents) about quilt-making. We have a children’s activity as well as demonstrations of hand and machine applique, piecing, and quilting. We show and demonstrate all types of quilt-making such as traditional and art-quilting and typically work on Project Linus and Habitat for Humanity Welcome Home quilts each day of the Fair. We answer hundreds of questions about quilt-making and care.

Wouldn’t you love to help children make their own “block” for a Project Linus quilt? And, wouldn’t you love to demonstrate your own hand or machine skills on a Guild community outreach quilt? Sign up, at a meeting, to work several slots at the Fair. You, plus a friend or teen who works with you, get free entry that day and can spend the rest of your time enjoying the rest of the Fair!

TRIPS – join us!DSC_1866

Have you ever dreamed of being able to stop and shop at fabric stores as you travel? Have you thought how nice it would be to go somewhere with a group and enjoy great lodging prices, interesting conversation, wonderful restaurants, and being able to hand-stitch along the way? Join us for a trip to a quilt show, to interesting places, and exciting events. We have traveled in luxury – often a whole 2-seat row to ourselves for longer trips – with frequent stops for shopping, eating, and stretching. We have been to dozens and dozens of places, including major AQS quilt shows such as Paducah, to Chuhuli exhibits, to other quilt shows, to expos, to beautiful holiday events, and many, many more! Join us!

Stop at the “Travel Desk” before any meeting to learn about upcoming trips.

Beth Russell (r) gets advice from amazing Memory Quilt workshop instructor Michele Sanandajian

Beth Russell (right) gets advice from amazing Memory Quilt workshop instructor Michele Sanandajian

WORKSHOPS – join us!

Have you yearned to learn from some of the best quilt instructors without having to travel? The Guild offers several workshops a year with some nationally-known instructors. The Guild Workshop committee plans these workshops, which usually are scheduled for several consecutive days. You can learned about upcoming workshops from the Guild newsletter, website, Facebook page, and during the half-hour before meetings. Sign up and pay to reserve your spot.

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